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The world’s most affordable luxury supercar comes in two forms. The McLaren Artura is a track-ready version of the McLaren P1, with a lightweight carbon fibre bodywork and more power than ever before. The Super Series range also includes the Senna Red 540C and 570S models, which feature carbon fibre bodywork over aluminium chassis frames with full leather upholstery and Alcantara trim accents.

McLaren Artura

The McLaren Artura is a supercar with a lightweight carbon fibre bodywork and a supercharged engine. It’s also one of the most expensive cars you can buy in 2019, so it should be good enough to justify the price tag.

The name “Artura” comes from ancient Rome, where it meant “noble”. This allusion was appropriate given that this car has been designed by automotive genius Ian Callum who has worked on some of the best supercars ever made (including some famous names like Mercedes-AMG).


McLaren Artura is a supercar that has been in the works since 2003. The name comes from the Italian words “articolo” and “automobile.” It’s an expensive luxury car built by McLaren Automotive, which also makes other supercars like the P1 and 720S.

McLaren Artura is unique because it’s not just another high-end sports car—it’s also a luxurious sedan with an exotic design. The company claims that this vehicle has been designed specifically for comfort and luxury, but there are still some elements of performance driving technology inside as well: its engine uses turbochargers to make more power than many other cars on the road today (up to 1350 horsepower).

Exotic car

A McLaren Artura is an exotic car that has a luxury interior and exterior styling. You can tell it’s an exotic car because of its sleek lines, high-performance engine and sleek design.

Exotic cars are also known as supercars and sports cars. Sports cars are usually small or mid-sized vehicles with powerful engines that get performance in return for comfort and ease of use. Supercars have more power than sports cars but less comfort due to their size; they’re best suited for people who want speed above all else but don’t mind sacrificing some space inside the vehicle by virtue of having more equipment available on board along with all its other functions such as navigation system (if applicable).

Lightweight carbon fibre bodywork

Carbon fibre is a very lightweight material that’s highly resistant to damage. It’s also extremely strong and light, making it ideal for use in cars, boats, planes and trains.

Carbon fibre is used in many areas of modern life because it’s strong yet light enough to give you the best performance from your vehicle or craft at any speed.

The world’s most affordable luxury supercar comes in two forms.

The world’s most affordable luxury supercar comes in two forms. The Artura is a lightweight carbon fibre bodywork that sits atop a supercar platform, with two options available: the pure race car and the full competition version. Both are immaculately crafted by McLaren’s engineers and drivers to their exacting standards, but they’re also made to be driven hard on track—and that means they mustn’t shy away from any challenge thrown their way.

The Artura will handle like no other road car you’ve ever driven before: it has been engineered to deliver maximum grip and control at all times while still remaining comfortable enough for everyday use (or even weekend fun). Whether you’re traveling through town or hitting top speeds down your favorite highway in this magnificent machine, there’ll be no compromise when it comes time for an exciting adventure!


This is the first McLaren Artura, a car that’s been in development for nearly two decades. It’s so much more than just another supercar: its lightweight carbon fiber bodywork makes this one of the fastest and most exotic cars on the market today.

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